Cybersecurity is a critical issue at this time because another person can stalk your online social platform and then harass you.  Women are a soft target for these kinds of people. That’s why cybersecurity in 2020 has to be more productive. And the government making strong efforts too.

Your social platform says a lot about your personal life because you share there your daily life. First people start to talk nicely with their target person after that they demand your bank details and your password. All these things are repeating a lot with women.

In the below section, you will see web safety tips which are very important to everybody to consider.

Action on Cybersecurity for Women in 2019

cyber safe women maharashtraCybersecurity is ABC, which means Always Be Careful. If you are not alert and not careful, then your personal information can hack.

In 2019 after considering cyber crime and women safety Maharashtra government launched a cyber safe women campaign which is an excellent initiative for all the women’s safety.

Women cyber safety guide for 2020

To all the women, here are essential tips related to Cyber Safety. You can go with these tips and save your personal information from suspicious persons. The big issue is how to prevent cyber crime then you can do it by adapting small efforts in your daily life.

1. Say No for Sharing Password

Treat your password as your toothbrushIt is not a good thing to share your password with anyone. If that person is the most trustworthy person to you and you are sharing your password with him/her then seriously you are doing the wrong things.

Never share your password with anyone. Yes, that person is trustworthy, but in a mistake, that person can use your password for another job and then your password will rotate.

After that, it will automatically be a weak password, and suspicious people will get a high chance to hack your information. So always keep your password only with yourself and say no for sharing it.

2. Webcam connected – It Is Wrong Thing

say no to webcamThere are lots of apps that want to communicate with your camera, and they ask you to permit them to run that application on your phone. And you can use that app only by accepting their offer, but it can be harmful to your personal information too.

There is no use of that kind of thing, so don’t give them that kind of permission. And if you are not using that application, so disable the camera permission. Then it will be safe and no harm to that thing. And you can cover your phone camera also if the request is necessary for a couple of times.

3. Know the Limitation

Cyber Safe women - know the limitationCyber safe women are not just a thing; it is a severe issue at this time. And all the time you have to consider it in your life seriously. In your daily life you live with cousins and best friends, but living with them doesn’t mean that you can share everything with them. Relationships are an essential part of life, but without limitation, sharing can be harmful to you.

Always keep one thing in your mind that if that person one day discloses your secret in front of anyone, then you will face an embarrassing environment. So don’t cross your limit and not sharing personal information.

4. Meeting with Online Stranger People

Stay safe onlineThe online world looks wonderful to everyone. And soon women start trusting on stranger people. It is not a bad thing, but you can’t take it as lightly. The stranger people don’t need to be the wrong one, but it can be. That thing is probably too. For security from these kinds of things, there is online safety guide for women.

It means if you are starting trusting that online stranger person and going to meet with him/her then tell that thing first to your family or closer once. Try to comply with that person with your family member, or you can go with your friend too. The most important thing to schedule the meeting in a crowded area. All the points will help you with your safety.

Quick web safety tips for 2020

> All-time update all the applications of your phone because the latest updates keep the threats away from your phone.

> Don’t forget to install anti-virus in your system. It helps your order to check the security level of any new application and previous also.

> Please read the policy of any use correctly first after that give them access to your system.

> Never trust those people who have not proper bio and general information with records in their accounts.

> If you are finding anyone suspicious, then directly unfriend that person and block that person.

Final Words

It is not specific about online and offline it is all about women’s cyber safety so always use common sense before taking any decision. Cyber security in 2020 critical that’s why you have to consider the mentioned points. You are the one who is playing a vital role in your cyber safety.

Report Cyber Crime at National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal