People are losing lots of money on phone scams. And sometimes life-saving money too. Fraud people have lots of ways to cheat you. In all these scams you will found them helpful and friendly.

Here I am going to tell you about phishing. In phishing, you will receive a fraud call that will be from your bank or can be normal. After picking up, the phone caller will pretend like he is a bank representative and trustworthy person. Then he will give a durable and convincing reason to call you. He will proceed with your personal information for security purposes. And the confidential data which he will ask you to be like:

  • ATM pin
  • One-Time-Password (OTP)
  • Card Verification Value (CVV)– 3 to the 4-digit number printed on the flip side of the
  • card
  • Credit/debit card number
  • Secure password
  • Card Expiry date
  • Internet Banking login ID and password and other personal information

After giving any of this information you will be on his trap. It is called phone call fraud. Now he can use your name for illegal transactions.

Different Kind of Phishing

Subscriber Fraud:

It is the most prevalent fraud which they do with the targeted person and gets success too. You can’t recognize the fraud alert with the subscription trap. First, they offer something significant and costly thing free of cost, but for that, they consider a subscription form. Where you will sign up so you will be eligible to notify their It plans and offers. But with that sign-up process, you are giving them your personal information. There is 40% of subscription forms fraud, which no one knows.



In this phishing, a fraud person gets access to your phone number and IMEI number too. It is like a clone number, and he can use it to get information about another target person, and all the data will obtain from your device. They can use your phone information on another machine and use your free information in the wrong thing. If they do anything, then the bill will come on your device.


Text Scams:

This text fraud comes with a different kind of format. They send various types of text to your number and try to get your attention to those messages. They will notify you with the help you message that your ATM card is going to expire, and suspicious activity happened with your social platform. And lots of proposals like this. They indicate a link to protect your account and information by sign up. If you follow their instruction, then you can give them your personal information.


Public Wi-Fi Hotspot:

A free Wi-Fi connection can put you in trouble. Everybody gets to connect with free Wi-Fi wherever they got it. But it is unsafe for them. Whenever you connect with the other one’s free Wi-Fi, there will be a probability to hack your phone. With the help of malware, they can hack your phone and steal personal information.


Most Important: Phone Call Phishing

Phone call fraud is a common scam. In this scam, you get a suspicious phone call which can affect your bank money. With the help of Jamtara- the Netflix series, you can understand it clearly.

Jamtara is a small village in Jharkhand where five uneducated people do fraud call to their target and talk with them nicely. They do some usual research of the target person. Then they offer a target person a lucky draw. And take their personal information very cleverly from them. They take OTP also from them to confirm the transaction. You can’t make fraud call complaint against them because they do all things very safely.

They are not a hacker and educated person. They are the same as you as an average person. Phone call phishing doesn’t need hacking techniques. People can make you fool if you are not aware.

Government Action Against Phishing Attack

After getting so much of fraud call complaint and phishing attack issues government decided to stop all the fraud things. Phishing in cybersecurity is a bad thing which the government wants to stop. That’s why they are starting the action from Gujarat. The Home Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Amit Shah, declared that in Gandhinagar they established a Cyber-safe control system. Which is for the common man and to make proper cyber safety from all the frauds.

The project name is AASHVAST (Assured Assistance Service Helpline for Victims at Shortest Time) India’s First Cyber Crime Prevention Unit. In this system, they will look for all the suspicious activities carefully. Gujarat police are actively working on this project because it is the initial thing against phishing in cybersecurity.

Final Words

Technology giving us many smart and quick solutions to solve problems, but yes, some people are using technology in the wrong way. And it is affecting your bank account. To stop all the wicked things the government is doing great work, and it is your responsibility also, to be aware of this kind of thing mentioned above. You can call this article a fraud alert too.

Report Cyber Crime at National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal