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VULNCON-2020-Cybersecurity conference
Hola Hackers,

With immense pleasure and pride, N00B_4rMY is organizing the first edition of the four-day virtual hacking conference "VULNCON 2020". VULNCON 2020 is fully packed with a 24hrs Live CTF Competition, Security Talks by professionals, lot's of exciting prizes, and giveaways starting from 19th December 2020 and ending on 22nd December 2020.

Prizes worth $11,000 from our beloved Sponsors, Check out

Offensive Security's PWK 30 days Voucher + Exam Attempt, CompTIA Pentest+ and CompTIA Security+ , HackTheBox VIP+ and VIP Vouchers, PentesterLab Pro Subs, Bugcrowd T-shirts, Bugcrowd Private Programs, Hackerone Swags, Hackerone Private Invites, Hackerone Custom Badges, Sypse Pro and Standard Subs, OHSE Certification and T-Shirts from Hacker Associate, Bug Bounty Course from CyberXplore

Register for the CTF at and hack like there is no tomorrow.

For more details, visit:
Hacker Associate Webcast are live web broadcast with video presentation and practical approach. Every week Hacker Associate conduct free webcast to provide valuable information and high level CTFs and VAPT Labs.

There will be a interactive panel where every attendy can ask to expert regarding the program.

Tools Talk: Will be purely discussing about the valuable tools available in the market with complete practical base.

Latest News: Will be discussing about the latest cyber security news around the globe and exploring the latest vulnerabilities discovered in different applications.

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