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Hackers Associate is an official platform that provides advanced cybersecurity training with complete hands-on, VAPT services to private & government organization, events & workshops. Being the only organization in India that provides 80+ Cyber Security Training Certifications, we ensure quality education with the pillars of practical instances and real-life case studies.

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Offensive Web Application Attack using OWASP-ZAP
Offensive Web Attack and Security (OWAS) Certification
Live Instructor Led Training
100% Practical
Masters Your Skills in OWASP-ZAP
Enhance your skills with OWAS(Offensive Web Application Attack and Security), a Livestream instructor-led training program which covers a wide range of topics related to web application with complete hands-on training. Each candidate will be provided with the Official Courseware developed by Hacker Associate.
OWAS trusted by 3000+ colleges
More than 68,245 candidates enrolled for OWAS certification
OWAS covers everything you will require to penetrate a web application like professional.
Create your own Web Application Scanning Master tool
Report your first bug with bug bounty program
Industry web analysis
Work with Organizations for static and dynamic analysis of webApps


Web Applications have become ubiquitous in today's world. Millions of people use them worldwide every day at their homes, offices, public places, or hotspot to log on to the internet and do both personal and professional work.
Insecure web applications have been exploited by "offensive web application pentester" or "Black Hat guys" to break into companies, banks, and government agencies. Most of the web application developers, security engineers, Security Architect, Web Penetration Tester are still clueless on how to secure web applications in a robust and foolproof way.

OWAS focuses on both static and dynamic analysis of the web application, Advanced Burp Hacks for Bounty Hunters. Also, we will be covering automated based exploitation using python and manual using Burpsuite and OWASP-ZAP.

OWAS help candidates to attack any web applications and candidates will able to manage all tasks related to Web Applications like spidering, Fuzzing, Manual Testing, Script based Testing, Automated Penetration Testing, etc.

OWAS also focuses on “CTF Labs Play,” and all CTF are available under challenges section.

The FREE OWAS Training Includes

Unlimited Revision
OWAS Paper Book
Live Instructor Support for Lifetime
PDFs, Videos and Presentation
Free Access to Online Quiz for All Cybersecurity Domains
15+ case studies and real-world scenarios
Practice questions and labs before exam
Free Access to Discussion Forum
Free resources will be always available at a click away
Premium industry based CTF access with Walkthroughs
  • Balkrishan Sharma
    Senior Analyst
    It has been a great learning experience at Online platform. The instructor Mr. Harshad Shah is very experienced and has a brilliant person understanding of the concepts. The best part which i feels like they focus more on practical training rather than theoretical learning part. I would recommend you to give it a try.
  • Rajkumar Singh
    PWD Engineer
    The training process and laboratory practice classes are very effective and up-to-date. The course study material consists of a book written by Harshad Shah; which is the backbone of the program. The online chat services and man to man problem solving support of the institute is unique while compared to similar services available in this era.
  • Usha Verma
    Senior Java Developer
    I have completed OWAS certification under Hacker associate. It was very informative and very deep.There way of teaching includes hands-on practice which makes you learn easily. They have provided so many reading material also which includes OWAS book also which was written by CEO himself.
  • Shoaib Mohammed
    IT Tech
    The instructor had intense knowledge of the subject and lead a great webinar with high inputs from the members which helped a lot in learning the module and the instructor provided remote support for all of the sessions. I personally promote this course to any individual who is interested in web application hacking.
  • Bharath Kumar
    I would like to thank you for last weeks thorough and well organized training. The material was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable.
  • Jayanta Das
    A brilliant way to get into web penetration path, and bug bounty too. The integration of burp suite with zap, and kali tools integration with zap is the completely new idea evolved. Must-do-course. All the best.
You are in right hands,
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Build a professional Lab for Web Application Penetration Testing.
Write Custom Script in python and ruby for Penetration Testing.
Quickly identify Web App Vulnerability.
Identify Web Server Misconfiguration and Exploitation.
Assess Web Vulnerabilities using OWASP-ZAP through a professional approach.
Assess Web Vulnerabilities using BurpSuite through a professional approach.
Discover, understand and manually exploit Web App Vulnerability.
Perform Manual and Automated Exploitation.
Detect Web Application Vulnerability - OWASP Top10


Information Security – Consultant, Manager, Security Architect
Senior – Engineer, Security
Director, Solution Architect, Security Analyst, Security Specialist, Compliance, Red team
Anyone who wants to make career in web application pentesting or security.


Offensive Web Attacks and Security Certification Modules

OWASP-ZAP: Web Application Pentesting

> Why there is need to know about OWASP-ZAP proxy?
> What is Proxy?

ZAP Proxy GUI (Graphical User Interface)

> ZAP Features

ZAP Installation Procedure

> ZAP for Windows Platform
> ZAP for MAC-OSX Platform
> ZAP for Linux Platform

ZAP in Headless Mode

> Running ZAP in Headless mode

ZAP Complete Overview and Panel

> ZAP Menu (File, Edit, View, Online, Analyze, Tools and Report)
> Manual Explore
> ZAP Tree View
> Automated Scan View
> History, Search, Alert and Output View

ZAP Attack Modes

> Standard mode
> ZAP Configuration
> Importing ZAP SSL Certificate
> ZAP Traffic
> Safe mode
> Protected mode

How to Add Web Application in Scope?

> Adding web application in scope

ZAP Add-ons Installation Procedure

> ZAP Add-ons and Market Place

ZAP Policy Manager

> Information Gathering Policy
> Injection Policy
> Server Security
> Miscellaneous Policy
> Client Browser
> ZAP Additional Features

Active Scan Input Vectors

> URL query string
> Post Data
> URL Path
> HTTP Header
> Cookie Header
> Enable Script Input Vector

AJAX Spider, Anti CSRF, Alert and API

> AJAX Spider, Anti CSRF, Alert and API

Dynamic SSL Certificate and Extensions

> Active Scan Extension
> Fuzzer
> API Extension
> Authorization Extension etc.

HTTP Sessions, Local Proxies, Port Scan and Passive Scan Rules

> HTTP Sessions, Local Proxies, Port Scan and Passive Scan Rules

Active and Passive Attacks

> Active and Passive Attacks

Penetration Testing and Stages

> Penetration Testing
> Stages of Penetration Testing

Hacker’s Terminology

> Payload
> Exploit
> Privilege Escalation
> Ethics of Penetration Testing

Manual vs Automated Penetration Testing

> Manual Penetration Testing
> Automated Penetration Testing

Crawling Web Application

> Crawling Web Application

Fuzz Web Application

> What is Fuzzing?
> Fuzz Category
> Fuzz Real World Web Application
> XSS Attack
> Fuzzing Execution

Advanced Port Scanning Using ZAP Proxy

> Advanced Port Scanning Using ZAP Proxy

OWASP Top 10

> Injection
> Broken Authentication
> Sensitive Data Exposure
> XML External Entities (XEE)
> Broken Access Control
> Security Misconfiguration
> Cross-Site Scripting
> Insecure Deserialization
> Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities
> Insufficient Logging And Monitoring

ZAP Requester

> ZAP Requester

Integrate Burp with ZAP

> Integrate Burp with ZAP

Integrate Kali Linux Tools with ZAP

> Integrate Kali Linux Tools with ZAP
> Integrate NMAP with ZAP
> Integrate Nikto with ZAP

Black, White and Grey Box Testing

> Black Box Testing
> White Box Testing
> Grey Box Testing

Insecure Web Protocols and Exploitation

> Insecure Web Protocols and Exploitation

Threat Modeling

> Threat Modeling

Creating  Web Security Policy

> Creating  Web Security Policy

Penetration Testing and Audit

> Penetration Testing and Audit

Web Server Hardening

> Web Server Hardening
Advanced Burp Suite Bonus Modules
> Advanced Burp Hacks for Bounty Hunters
> Uncover Invisible Security Flaws using Burp
> Automate Penetration Testing Tasks using Burp

Enhance your web application pentesting skills

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