Experience the real-time penetration testing with 200+ Cyber Security training programs.
  • Experience Real World Pentesting
    100% Practical Guarantee
    Cyber Security Training
    Our extensive courses which are taught by industry expert and are guaranteed to provide you with the most extensive practical hands-on training and learning experience.
    200+ Courses | Real World Scenarios | Train Under Experts
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  • Transform Your Cybersecurity
    Secured 65,000+ Servers
    Cyber Security Services
    Cybersecurity is a core business requirement, providing a secure foundation to transform your enterprise and support your business. With DeepSight Intelligence, you will be less reactive and more predictive in making better, faster decisions about evolving threats.
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    Be Quarantined and Opt for Offensive Web Application Attack Using OWASP-ZAP
    Offensive Web Attacks and Security
    Offensive Web Attacks and Security
    Learn to manage all tasks related to Web Applications like spidering, Fuzzing, Manual Testing, Script based Testing, Automated Penetration Testing, and so on. OWAS also focuses on “CTF Labs Play,” and all CTF are available under challenges section.
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  • New Course
    OAES: Offensive API Exploitation and Security
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    OAES: Offensive API Exploitation and Security
    In this OAES-308 Certification program will focus on complete API exploitation and defense technique. We will see in detail all standards like SOAP, XML, REST, and GRAPH QL, and best practices.
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Training Resources
Classroom based training during week days and weekend. Training location will be Bengaluru (India).
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Live Instructor Led
Interactive online training with Instructor. Multiple slots a day makes possible to run variety of training.
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OnDemand self-paced training is flexible to suite your schedule. Including boundless revision.
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Instructor at client place with outright classroom setup. Perfect for corporate, colleges and universities.
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"Let’s face it: the future is now. We are already living in a cyber society, so we need to stop ignoring it or pretending that is not affecting us." -Marco Ciapelli
Exploit Web Application Vulnerability with OWAS
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Quick start your cyber security career with OHSE
Unique Approach to Cyber Security
Our extensive courses which are taught by industry expert and are guaranteed to provide you with the most extensive practical hands-on training and learning experience.
Network Pentesting
Offensive Hacking
Cloud Security
Web Pentesting
Security Monitoring and Analysis
What is Hacker Associate?
Hackers Associate is an official platform that provides advanced cybersecurity training with complete hands-on, VAPT services to private & government organization, events & workshops. Being the only institute in India that provides 200+ Cyber Security Training Certifications, we ensure quality education with the pillars of practical instances and real-life case studies. This high profile training is under a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who possess 50+ penetration testing certifications.
112k+ Candidates Trained

Delivered 26000+ Services

Secured 45000+ Web Servers
Offensive Hacking Security Expert
Advance Web Application Penetration Testing
Certified Information System Security Professional
Security Operations Center
Certified Offensive Python Scripter
AWS Penetration Testing
Digital Forensic and Incident Response Certified
Bug Bounty Expert
IoT Hacking and Security Expert
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