Hacker Associate Free Video Resources.
DevOps vs DevSecOps Introduction
Introduction to SELinux
How to use Docker for Penetration Testing
How to get graphical interface with SSH
API Introduction
REST API basics and HTTP basics- Part 1
Metasploit Pro Setup Guide and GUI Overview- Part 1
How to automate Penetration Testing using Metasploit Pro
Gaining access with Metasploit vs Metasploit Pro
Cloud Computing Technology and Services
Redirect Nikto Traffic to Burp2
Ghidra GDB Bridge - Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
Ransomware Analysis using Ghidra
SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) exploitation
Naabu- Fast Port Scanner
Content Discover with FFUF and Burp
CORS vulnerability with basic origin reflection
OAUTH Authentication bypass via OAuth implicit flow
Machine Walkthroughs
EnuBox Mattermost: Vulnhub Walkthrough
Five86-1: Vulnhub Walkthrough- Boot to Root
HackTheBox: Netmon Walkthrough- Boot to Root
HackTheBox: Chatterbox- Windows Exploitation using Remote Buffer Overflow
HackTheBox: BART Walkthrough - Windows Exploitation
HackTheBox: Lazy | Padding Oracle Attack
HackTheBox Optimum Walkthrough - Windows Exploitation
HackTheBox: LAME Walkthrough - Manual Exploitation
HackTheBox: Sunday Walkthrough
HackTheBox Cache Walkthrough - Brute Force VHOST and Exploit OPENEMR Vulnerability
HackTheBox: Buff Machine: Windows Exploitation using Tunneling
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