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Hackers Associate is an official platform that provides advanced cybersecurity training with complete hands-on, VAPT services to private & government organization, events & workshops. Being the only organization in India that provides 80+ Cyber Security Training Certifications, we ensure quality education with the pillars of practical instances and real-life case studies.

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Experience Real World Penetration Testing with Offensive Hacking Security Expert Course.
OHSE Certified Badge
OHSE can help you pace up your cybersecurity career as an Information security analyst or penetration tester and also helps ethical hacking enthusiasts to explore the vulnerabilities in various technologies.
Offensive Hacking Security Expert ethical hacking course is a reliable and practical approach trusted by government agencies and corporate areas. Drive your career if you are a student or professional seeking extensive knowledge in Ethical Hacking from Beginner to Advance level.
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This widespread ethical hacking training consists of network penetration testing, web application security, wireless exploitation, cloud penetration, and IoT hacking. To learn about complete syllabus, see course structure.
Every organization needs skilled information security personnel who can expose vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk. With comprehensive coverage of tools, techniques, and methodologies, Offensive Hacking Security Expert (OHSE) prepares you to conduct high-value penetration testing projects step-by-step.
We provide hands-on the complete content as mere theory cannot help you understand penetration testing thoroughly. Our labs are highly specialized with a set of hardware and licensed software used in a professional environment.

OHSE Highlighted Modules

We update OHSE content every six months to match up with the current industry standards. Enrolled users will be notified on every update and will have privilege to access it for free.
Linux command line and bash scripting
Malware and Exploit Writing
Advanced Web Attacks & Security
Windows and Linux Buffer Overflows
IAM (Identity & Access Management)
IoT and Gadget Penetration Testing
OAuth 2.0 Authentication Vulnerability
Offensive Sniffing Technique
Cloud Vulnerability & Exposure
Technology Hardening
Advanced Network Attack and Security
Antivirus Evasion
IPv6 Attacks Flows
Active Directory Attacks
Windows & Linux Privilege Escalation
Docker Technology
JWT Attacks & Security
RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
Malicious Document Analysis
Defence in Depth
Data Security in real-world
Pivoting Attack - Exploiting a system in another network

Resources Access with OHSE

Unbounded revision and lifetime support makes candidate a part of Offensive Hacking and Hacker Associate privileged member.
Lifelong lab access (updated every month)
Unbounded revision
100+ Recorded sessions
100+ detailed vulnerability walkthrough
Free access to members only discussion forum
Real-world case studies
Lifetime in-person instructor support
Access to industry used hardware and software

Course Delivery

Live Instructor Led
OHSE certified is adequate to face any industry-based threat and patch the loophole at core level.
Qualified to conduct in-depth advanced network penetration testing
Equipped with skills to identify vulnerabilities and execute an organized attack
Eligible to face real-time cybersecurity challenges at the infrastructure level

Examination Process

OHSE Certification from the Hacker Associate is one of the most trusted, efficient and industry-oriented in cybersecurity .
Hacker associate provides quality education with the guidance of practical knowledge and real-life case studies instead of going through the theory or MCQ examinations.
After successful completion of the training and real-time penetration testing projects, you are suppose to proceed for the examination process and earn the badge of the Offensive Hacking Security Expert. The exam includes real-time penetration testing challenges in our dedicated network environment.
You are required to submit an extensive report, including your detailed notes, with reference screenshots of your understanding and execution.

ohse certified benefits

Post this course; you will be able to handle real-world penetration testing projects, building offensive Pentesting labs, and access the loopholes in various applications.
Create an efficient and scalable Data center
Access TLS/SSL vulnerabilities and exploitation
Firewall Bypassing (Firewall Penetration Testing)
Write custom script in python, Perl and ruby for penetration testing
Design a Super Computer for Penetration Testing
Identify vulnerabilities in Cloud Infrastructure
Access Mobile Application Vulnerabilities
Identify server vulnerabilities, server misconfiguration and server exploitation
  • Vinay Korlahalli
    -Associate Professional IT Security
    I did CEH in a different institute but felt like it was not enough then I got to know about Hacker Associate in our college through a seminar. Hacker Associate is the best place to start as here we get the right platform to learn & upgrade ourselves. I have opted OHSE, it is a wonderful course certified by Hacker Associate.
    The best part is the things learnt during the course are put in action ie. working on real time, live scenario.
  • Bosco Thimmegowda
    -Senior Solution Architect, SAP Basis
    Thanks to Hacker Associate and Harshad Shah...!!!! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about information security or cyber security.
    It discusses some of the industries most important topics, and the instructor seems to have a good understanding of these concepts.This is an excellent course. I have been through various other courses and this is by far the most in-depth course.
  • Shaik Nagoor Vali
    -Cyber Security Analyst
    In this course, you will learn many things from the base level to advance level, every module in this course helps you to understand security concepts in very depth.
    I am really happy to take this course in Hacker Associate. The trainer & CISO Mr.Harshad shah, has good industrial knowledge in various security Domains.
  • Shubhitesh Dhanuka
    -Senior Java Developer
    Best cyber security institute in Bangalore. The trainer Harshad sir is pro in his field, he has vast knowledge in cyber security. I have done 8 certifications under him which has really helped me in growing.
    His sessions are really interesting because he focuses more on practical knowledge which i found different from other institutes.
On successfully completion of the course and passing of exam will earn Offensive Hacking Security Expert (OHSE) certification.
Register at least a week prior to your start date.
Progress through course structure under an expert.
Evolve your skills with real world penetration testing labs.
Schedule your certification exam.
Successfully complete your exam & get OHSE certified.


Course Syllabus

Introduction to Real Definition of Hacking
Lab Configuration for penetration testing
Getting started with networking and Linux
Linux command line and bash scripting
Windows and Linux Hacking
Mac OSX Escalation Technique
Payload Creation (Malware, Trojans & Viruses)
Privilege Escalation
WEB Application Attack
Firewall Bypassing
Malware and Exploit Writing
Reverse Engineering
Introduction to Buffer Overflows
Windows and Linux Buffer Overflows
Mobile Penetration Testing
IoT and Gadget Penetration Testing
Advanced Network Attack and Security
Cloud Penetration Testing
Social Engineering Attack and mindset
Antivirus Evasion
Hacker’s Futuristic Attacking Vector
Application Communication Protocol Testing Tool
IPv6 Attacks Flows
Next Generation Cyber Attack Flows
Hacker’s Tools and Techniques
Email Security and Attacking Vector
Hardening of systems and servers
Active Directory Attacks

Load all modules...

Wireless Attack and Security
Perimeter of Defense
SELinux (Secured Enhanced Linux)
BIOS Security
DevSecOps Introduction
AWS Penetration testing Fundamentals
Docker Technology
Threat Modelling
Industry Compliance
Insiders Vs Outsider Threats
Black, White and Grey Box Testing
Bluetooth Issues
Data Classification
Insecure Network Protocols
Penetration Testing and Audit
Physical Security
Creating Security Policy
Advanced Disk Encryption
Server Exploitation (FTP, NFS, SMB, LDAP, SMTP, HTTP, NTP, etc.)
Securing Server Network Configuration
Software Diagnosis
NIDS- Network based Intrusion Detection System
HIDS- Host bases Intrusion Detection System
Configuration of honeypots
Data Security in real-world
Case Studies and Report Writing


OHSE will benefit all who want to choose their career as an ethical hacker / Information Security Analyst or Penetration Tester.
Information Security – Consultant, Manager, Security Architect
Network Administrators
Solution Architect
Security Analyst
Security Professionals
Web Developers who are interested in security
Student or Hobbyist
Anyone who wants to explore the cyber world can opt for OHSE

Course Prerequisites

A candidate with basic computer knowledge who is interested and passionate about learning cybersecurity and ethical hacking can also apply for OHSE program.
Fundamentals of computers and operating systems are sufficient to start this course.

System Requirements

CPU: 64-bit Intel i5/i7 with 4th generation + (2.0 GHz)
8 GB of RAM or higher
300 GB free space
Administrator Access
Wi-Fi 802.11 capability
Windows 10 Pro, Linux or macOS (Latest updated)
All other software and configuration requirement will be provided and guided.

Course Duration

42 Hours

Course Pricing

All prices in Indian rupee and US dollars.
OHSE training + course material + exam certification
650 USD | 47,200 INR
Fees also include unbounded revision, lifelong lab access and live instructor led support.


You'll get the payment link after filling out the form & confirming the slot.
The live training is for 40 hours and will be 2 hours a day.
Need Help?
If you have any questions about the training or the instructor, or if you want to adjust the contact time, or you need our help at any point in the registration process you can contact us at
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