Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing
Web Applications have become ubiquitous in today’s world. Millions of people use them worldwide every day at their homes, offices, public places, or hotspot to log on to the internet and do both personal and professional work.

Insecure web applications have been exploited by “offensive web application pentester” or “Black Hat guys” to break into companies, banks, and government agencies. Most of the web application developers, security engineers, Security Architect, Web Penetration Tester are still clueless on how to secure web applications in a robust and foolproof way.
AWAPT-225 will cover 63+ modules, including advanced tools, writing own scripts to exploit web, and many such to master you in Web Application Penetration Testing. You will be able to manage all tasks related to Web Application Penetration Testing. We will also provide you white paper, case study, and real-time project, real-world internet facing web application, and lifetime support.
Hacker Associate has come up with the program for candidates to test their penetration skills on web, network, cloud, web application firewall, and next-generation technology. Every day there will be a new lab to check the improvement of the candidates, and based on that, we upgrade the individual skills to make him master in info-sec domain.

AWAPT-225 focus on both static and dynamic analysis of the web application. Also, we will be covering automated based exploitation using python and manual using Burpsuite. Hacker Associate Web Application Penetration Testing Certification-225 will help candidates to attack any Web Applications.
Brief Introduction to Web World and Web Technology
Introduction to Web Browser
Introduction to the port 80 and port 443(SSL)
Brief Introduction to Client Server Architecture Model
Introduction to Web languages
Introduction to Database
Examine Web Internal Architecture with web coding and Database
Brief Introduction to TCP/IP model and Three way Handshaking Process
Examine Flag associated with Three way Handshaking
Brief Introduction to Web Penetration Testing Methodology
Configuring System for Web Hacking
Examine Web Coding and Understanding how to write code for Web
Brief Introduction to Metasploit and Metasploit Framework
Brief Introduction to OWASP(Open Web Application Security Project)
Examine top ten Vulnerability in Web Application(OWASP)
Examine Iframe Vulnerability in Web Application
Brief Introduction to Web Proxies and how we use Web proxies for Penetration Testing
Brief Introduction to DOS and DDOS Attack and stress penetration on web Application
Brief Introduction to SSL(Secure Socket Layer) and SSL Sniffing Technique
Brief Introduction to Offensive Penetration Testing for Web (Black hat)
Brief Introduction to Different Web Framework for Web Penetration Testing
Brief Introduction to Javascript and attacking Technique for Web penetration Testing
Netcat Lab for HTTP 1.1 and 1.0
HTTP Method and verb Tempering
HTTP Method Testing with Metasploit
HTTP Basic Authentication
Attacking HTTP Authentication with Nmap and Metasploit
HTTP Digest Authentication RFC 2069
HTTP Digest Auth hashing RFC 2069
HTTP Statelessness and Cookie
HTTP-set Cookie with HTTP Cookie
Session ID and Cookie Stealing(Cookie Attack)
SSL-TLS(Socket Oriented Protocol) Transport Layer Security
SSL MITM using Proxies
File Extraction from HTTP Traffic
HTML injection Basic
HTML injection in Tag Parameter
HTML Injection using 3rd party Data Sources
HTML Injection- Bypass Filter CGI ESCAPE
Command Injection Technique
Web to Shell on Server
Web Shell PHP meterpreter
web Shell net reverse Connect
Web Shell using Python,PHP etc
Brief Introduction to XSS
JavaScript for Penetration Tester-Introduction to Hello World
XSS Cross Site Scripting
Javascript of Penetration Variable
XSS Types
Javascript for Operator
XSS via Event Handler Attributes
Javascript for Penetration Tester-Conditionals
Javascript for Penetration Tester- Loop, function and Data Types
Javascript for penetration: Enumerating Data Properties
Javascript For Penetration: Stealing Cookie and Advanced Form Manipulations
File upload vulnerability
Null file Injection Technique
Exploting file Upload to get Meterpreter
Remote File Inclusions Vulnerability
Invalidated Redirect
Session Management in Depth
Secure Open Redirect
MIME Sniffing
Encoding Sniffing
Null Termination Vulnerability
Authentication and Authorization Bypass
Crypto Attacks
Threat Modeling
Advanced Burp Hacks for Bounty Hunters
- Information Security – Consultant, Manager, Security Architect
- Senior – Engineer, Security
- Director
- Solution Architect
- Analyst
- Security Analyst
- Security Specialist
- Compliance
- Students
- Hobbyist
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