Cyber Threat Hunting (CTH)
Cyber Threat hunting is hot new trends in the market and using Threat hunting technique, we can defend any critical enterprise from cyber-criminal or attackers.
Are you in the information security domain or want to make a career in Cyber Security? Then CTH (Cyber Threat Hunting) is one of the most exceptional certifications and right choice for info sec guys in search of threat hunting and proactive defense solutions.

Join Hacker Associate CTH (Cyber Threat Hunting) Hands-on program with 30+ modules and protect the enterprise and mitigate the risk.
CTH (Cyber Threat Hunting ) is an active Cyber Defence Activity. CTH is a proactive approach to detect and isolate advanced threats.
Threat hunting is the proactive technique that focuses on the pursuit of attacks and the evidence that attackers leave behind when they conduct reconnaissance, Information gathering, Payload attack with malware or Zero day attack, or exfiltrate sensitive data.
This process allows attacks to be discovered earlier with the goal of stopping them before bad guy are able to carry out their attacks and take illegal advantage of them.
No matter what stage of career you are at, the mindset or approach learned here will serve you well in the future.

In this course, we will deep dive into “Threat hunting” and searching for threats and mitigate before the bad gay pounce. And we will craft a series of attacks to check Enterprise security level and hunt for threats. An efficient Threat hunting approach towards Network, Web, Cloud, IoT Devices, Command & Control Channel(c2), Web shell, memory, OS, which will help you to gain a new level of knowledge and carry out all tasks with complete hands-on.

Cyber Threat hunting is hot new trends in the market and using Threat hunting technique, we can defend any critical enterprise from cyber-criminal or attackers.

Students will also perform Incident Response like if any enterprise is comprised so how we respond, analyze the situation, and defend in real-time.


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Threat Intelligence
Incident Handling and Incident Management
Proactive approach for Enterprise Network
Malicious Traffic Analysis
Memory Analysis
command and control (C2) channel via memory forensics, registry analysis, and network connection residues
Cyber Kill Chain
Cyber Threat Hunting Model
Security Professionals
Incident-response team members
Penetration Testers and Red team members
IT Professionals
Software Engineers
Security Analysts
One who wants to protect the organization
Cyber threat hunting definition and goals
Cyber threat hunting methodologies and techniques
Threat Hunting for network-based cyber threats
Threat Hunting for host-based cyber threats
Cyber threat hunting technologies and tools box
Cyber Threat hunting for Web Application
Incident Response and Incident Handling
Threat Hunting Simulation
Forensics technique and measures
Brief Introduction to IOC & types of IOC
Network Hunting tools Exploration and exploitation process
Layer Based Threat Hunting Exploitation

Malicious Traffic Hunting

Malicious Sniffing and Packet Analysis
SSL Traffic Analysis and Decryption
Malware Analysis Models in Network
SSH,SIP,RTP & 20 plus protocols detailed analysis

Advanced Web Shell Hunting

Introduction to Web Shell World
Web Shell Process
Types of Web Shells
Hunt for Web Shells
Detection of Web Shell

Threat Hunting for Malware

Brief Introduction to Malware
Malware Exploitation Process
Malware Detection and Analysis
Memory Analysis and Volatility
Detection of any stage of “Cyber Kill Chain”
Windows Events & log analysis
Threat Hunting with PowerShell
Endpoint Threat Hunting
Threat Hunting Detection in Cloud Platform like (AWS, Azure)


All prices in Indian Rupee (INR)
CTH training + Exam + Certification = RS.47,200/- (Inclusive of taxes)
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